BimPak - an Internet shopper's delight!

The easy way to have your online purchases from the United States delivered to you in Barbados - Clothes, books, shoes, magazines, perfumes, household items, car parts and so much more... Packages in House

What is BimPak?

BimPak is an international private mail box service that allows you to have your online purchases delivered to a Miami address, air or sea-freighted down to Barbados and then delivered to you. Air freight is automatic for any shipment less than 150lb.

How does BIMPaK work?

Sign up for BimPak. Route your online purchases from a US based supplier to the BimPak address (which is Laparkan Miami address) provided, and we'll take it from there. The items will be delivered to you in Barbados via Laparkan (Barbados) Ltd.

What makes BimPak better than the rest?

Skills & Experience: BimPak is supported by Laparkan (Barbados) Ltd. - logistics company with over two (2) decades worth of experience in the local market and backed by Laparkan North American's international transport solutions

Convenience: You can make payments and collect your items from either of Laparkan Barbados' two (2) locations on Harbour Road or at the airport.

Tracking: Supported by dedicated customer service representatives available from 8:00am to 4:30pm weekdays and 9:00am to 11:45am Saturday.

Secure Subscription Process: Complete and submit the Application form and Sign up details. A Laparkan representative will contact you with your BimPak account number and the address to which purchases should be routed. a one-time Registration fee of BDS $20.00 that will be added to your bill on delivery of your first shipment.